More than 20 years of professional experience. What do you need?
Realistic, Infantile, Final Art, Posters, Brochures, Packaging, Characters, Landscapes, Meals, Comic, Medical, Scientific, Technological, Design of spaces, Display of Events ...
Story Board:
Relying on a series of images to convey an idea to your client is the best way to make sure the concept is understood. Realistic, in color, black and white or sketched.
In my opinion the short film format with audio and animated frames is the most complete way to present an idea. Short of creating the final advert this is the closest your client can get to seeing the final product.
Science fiction, cartoons, superheroes, fantasy ... The narration of a story through frames has always been pure magic for me. Comics were my first inspiration to start drawing.
Graphic Design and Web:
Design of cards, Flyers, Posters, Logos, ... I make web pages from start to finish (layout, content writing, banners, ...).